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October 2017

Theatre & Virtual Reality: Are You Ready?

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If you’ve been enjoying acting classes in Leeds with a view to one day being involved with the stage, whether it’s in a lead role or perhaps behind the scenes as a director perhaps, you might want to think about how you can upskill with regards to virtual reality (VR) as well.

There’s a growing trend for the use of technology in theatre so even if you don’t end up using your new skills, having an idea of how the industry is changing and becoming more innovative in this regard could certainly prove to be beneficial.

A new immersive lab has just opened up in Brighton, for example, that will allow theatre companies to experiment with VR. It’s being run by Digital Catapult, which has plans in place to open up a network of labs around the UK that will be available to businesses of all sizes.

“The UK has a rich heritage in sectors where immersive technologies are likely to have the largest and most immediate impact: the creative industries, manufacturing and health. So, establishing immersive labs in key regions across the country like this one in Brighton will further benefit the development of the industry,” head of immersive at Digital Catapult Aurelian Simon was quoted by The Stage as saying.

As an example of VR in action in theatre, take a look at this article also on The Stage website detailing how theatre-goers used VR headsets as part of a companion piece to an adaptation of Paul Auster’s City of Glass.

Apparently, the headsets were used to help people establish a deeper connection with the characters in the play and encourage them to really be intrigued by the play itself.

4 Benefits Of Acting Classes In Liverpool

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There are lots of different reasons that people decide to sign themselves up for acting classes in Liverpool and elsewhere – and it’s not always because they’re keen to see their name in lights as they tread the boards each night. Here are just a couple of benefits – aside from stardom – that might encourage you to take a few acting lessons yourself.

Boost your communication skills

You’ll become a lot more confident in your communication skills if you have a few lessons with an experienced acting coach. They can teach you how best to enunciate your words, how to add meaning to what you’re saying through new tones of voice and lots more. You may not recognise yourself after a couple of classes!

Improve your self-confidence

It can take quite a lot of strength to get up in front of people and start speaking all by yourself. Public speaking is something a lot of people do struggle with but acting classes can really help you become more confident in yourself. This will cross over to the rest of your life and will certainly help yield positive results in other areas.

Improve your poise and posture

Actors become incredibly self-aware after a while and you’ll soon start to notice your posture and areas that need improvement. Acting isn’t just standing there and reciting lines – it’s also about body movement and expression in other ways.

Thinking on your feet

You’re sure to do lots of improvisation in your acting classes and this can help you think more creatively and in a more flexible way… skills you could certainly use elsewhere in your life as well.