London ‘Not The Only Place To Find Acting Work’

By February 13, 2018August 6th, 2020News

If you’re looking for part-time acting classes in Manchester and wondering if there is much work for budding thespians outside of London, you may be interested in what actor Rachael Garnett has to say on the matter.

Writing for The Stage, she explained that she’d started her career in acting in the capital, but found that the cost of living was too high and that it was very difficult to get by and be happy when she was between roles.

As a result, she decided to move north, where the cost of living is more affordable and she doesn’t have an expensive daily commute. She added that, with a train to London taking just 2.5 hours, it’s still easy to reach the capital if you do land an audition there, but stressed there are “brilliant theatres” near where she’s living.

“A career in the arts can and should be wonderful. Remember: the arts are not exclusive to London,” Ms Garnett advised.

However, one leading figure in British theatre has warned that regional theatre needs more funding support from the government.

In an exclusive interview with the Guardian, Sir Richard Eyre explained that funding cuts from both the Arts Council and local authorities, coupled with rising prices, are making it more difficult for regional theatres to “take artistic risks” with both new productions and new talent.

He stressed that “government and education must and should play a part in it”, adding that it would be a “terrible tragedy” to let regional theatres go under because of the “extraordinarily rich cultural heritage” in the UK.