Get Into Acting ‘For The Love Of It’

By January 16, 2018August 6th, 2020News

If you love acting you should consider it as a career choice, one British star has suggested. Speaking on a return visit to his primary school in Birmingham, Duane Henry who now stars in hit TV show NCIS said that he loves his job – and would encourage others to follow their passions.

The Birmingham Mail reported on his school visit just before Christmas, when Mr Henry not only addressed a school assembly, but was also interviewed by some of the current pupils.

He was asked what advice he’d give to students who also want to pursue an acting career, to which he responded: “Do it because you love it and everything else will come naturally to you.”

“Don’t concentrate on the awards, the money… just do it for the love of it because all those things will just come with it anyway,” he added.

Mr Henry also revealed that after leaving school at 17, he spent two years studying drama at a local college before moving to London, finding an agent and looking for work.

He recently became a regular on NCIS, which he described as one of the highlights of his career so far because getting that job meant he could “breathe” and know where his next pay cheque was coming from.

Actor Chris Geere, who stars in US show You’re The Worst, recently told Mandy News that he’d never considered working in the States until he was approached by an agent about representing him on the other side of the Atlantic.

He revealed that his first foray into the acting world in the US didn’t result in him getting a part, but he returned to the UK, saved up some money and went back for another go. This time he got the role in You’re The Worst, which he’s had for five years.

If you’ve always liked the idea of working in the entertainment industry it’s never too late. Evening acting classes in Leeds can give you an accessible way of honing your skills and picking up advice.