New Actors: Don’t Restrict Yourself To One Medium

By January 12, 2018August 6th, 2020News

If you’re enrolling in drama school for adults this year, you might be doing it for fun, or you could be looking for a career change.

When it comes to acting roles, there are a host of options out there, from theatre and TV to movies and musicals. But it can be hard to know which direction to go in when you’re just starting out.

In a recent interview with Mandy News, British actor Chris Geere, who’s appeared in TV shows such as Waterloo Road and You’re the Worst as well as acting in stage productions with the Royal Shakespeare Company, offered some advice to aspiring actors.

He said: “Don’t focus on any medium in particular, focus on the kind of person that you want to be when you’re on set or on stage.”

Although he started out on the stage, Chris explained that he feels putting all your energy into working in just one medium will restrict you as an actor.

He also noted that who you know is important when it comes to acting, and therefore making a good impression with everyone you work with is something you should focus on.

“I think most of your career will come from the connections that you make, the people that you meet quite early on and the impact that you can hopefully have on them,” Chris added.

Michelle Danner, who runs well-respected acting classes in LA, recently offered some advice on how to present yourself with authenticity when you go for auditions.

She recommends finding a way to make yourself feel as relaxed as possible, and to try not to put too much pressure or stress on yourself over the outcome, because you can still learn a lot even if you don’t get a part.