UK Audience Behaviour Getting Worse

By January 4, 2018August 6th, 2020News

You can get the best acting classes Leeds has to offer, but you will never be able to control the behaviour of the audience.

Some are claiming it has been getting worse in recent years. The papers carried one story this Christmas about a man who punched a fellow audience member, when he asked their wife to put away their mobile phone; they had been using it throughout the first act after all. The altercation took place at A Christmas Carol, at London’s The Old Vic.

It isn’t the first time that mobile phones have proved to be the scourge of the theatre, with one man reportedly climbing on stage during Hand to God on Broadway to charge his phone in one of the prop sockets.

Luckily, they have now been banned across New York, so theatre goers wanting a quieter experience should perhaps head to Broadway.

It isn’t just modern implements that are the scourge of theatre goers. The age-old problem of sweets and other food remains problematic. One actor even reported that her theatre company had removed some food that came in packaging that was too noisy.

Theatre owner Nica Burns told The Stage: “A few of the very noisy packages have now been gracefully retired, and we’ve brought in similar ones that don’t make any noise,

“It’s a work in progress.”

It has since been reported that Imelda Staunton insisted on food sales being banned for her production who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolfe at the Harold Pinter Theatre.