“One step closer to fulfilling your acting career” – Marlene Tingling

By April 11, 2017April 18th, 2018News

Having worked in the industry for almost 18 years I felt that I had achieved quite a lot in my career as an actress. It was only when I discovered ActUpNorth that I realised there was so much more to honing your skills. You learn something new, every week, and not just about yourself, but about what acting really is and how to apply different techniques to each and every scene you approach, to bringing that scene to life in a natural and realistic way.

I have had my fair share of castings and auditions to attend,some successful others not, and each time I took in with me what I thought was the best and most appropriate way to approach an audition. However, having being taught skills in each class on how to closely analyse a script, from the‘objectives’, to ‘the moment before’ even down to how you ‘action’ a scene, I believe these are techniques that have successfully helped me in my more recent acting achievements.

Having secured an audition for Coronation Street, when my agent gave me the breakdown of the character I was auditioning for, I immediately looked at the technique of using the scene objective to enable youto play out your character. I also used this once I had received the script on arrival at my audition, breaking it down into how I would play that objective.When my script with the full scenes arrived in the post, I analysed it using the ‘action’ technique as to how you are driven to perform each line and how ‘the moment before’ allows you to live that part. This was invaluable to me whilst filming as you have to be in the moment when on set as you are working against camera angles, lighting, sound etc and to deadlines in having to work each scene back to back with only little rehearsal time.

One of the key things we do each week in class is working our scripts and performances on camera. Before I joined ActUpNorth I had no knowledge of how I came across on camera in castings/auditions and performances etc as you don’t get to see that once you have been in front of a casting director and also I am a performer who never likes to see myself on screen.However ActUpNorth has taught me so much about my facial expressions, reactions etc that when I was filming CoronationStreet, I felt confident in knowing how my expressions would play out on the screen and therefore knew what to avoid doing and so on.

For two hours in an evening every Monday working alongside people who are not only driven such as myself, but are supportive in helping you to be the best actor you can be, your knowledge is improved enormously and you grow in confidence week by week.

The tutor (Andy), not only makes the class a fun and relaxed place to learn, but in addition to this you are studying in a professional environment whereby you are given constructive criticism after each and every performance. Which I find only adds to your growth as an actor as it allows you to facilitate your own learning.

Whether you are a complete novice with a hidden talent, or are returning thespian who has taken time out, ActUpNorth has something to offer you, which can take you along that ever so unpredictable journey as an actor, with confidence and the reassurance that you are one step closer to fulfilling your acting career.

Marlene Tingling