“Thank you ActUpNorth” – Simon Lennon

By April 11, 2017April 18th, 2018News

My name is Simon Lennon and I am a former member of the ActUpNorth Liverpool Tuesday class. Just wanted to drop an email as I’m keeping up to date with all of the news and it sounds like all is going brilliantly. I absolutely loved my time with AUN and only left as I moved to London and live here permanently now. Just wanted to say how thankful I was for all of your help; from Erin, David and yourself. I learnt so much and have since filmed a supporting lead in a new 5-part BBC series called ‘Our Girl’ about a female medic in the British army in Afghanistan which airs on Sunday at 9pm (21st September – BBC1). I’m also now in rehearsals for a show at the Almeida in London called ‘Our Town’ and have made sure that the programme states that I trained/worked with AUN.

Hope all is as well as it looks and I’m forever grateful for all of your hard work in helping people improve and hone their skills – benefited me so much, in the time I was with you guys.

Simon Lennon