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November 2022

Ethan Hawke: Method Acting Is Crazy But Works

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Method acting is perhaps the most controversial form of acting style out there, with some people believing it is the only way to really do justice to a role, and others thinking you should be able to dip in and out of character with ease.

Hollywood actor Ethan Hawke shared his views on Method acting, which, for those who don’t know, is immersing oneself in their character for long periods of time, including the entire duration of the shoot.

Marlon Brando, Robert DeNiro, Daniel Day Lewis, and, more recently, Christian Bale are famous Method actors, but it is not a technique that everyone favours.

Hawke, who is most famous for his roles in Training Day, Before Sunrise, and Dead Poets Society, praised the discipline and determination of those who can adopt Method practices.

He told Indie Wire: “I know that ordinary effort creates ordinary results, and the longevity and genius of Daniel Day-Lewis’ career proves that there’s method to his madness.”

However, the 52-year-old added: “Personally, I think it’s crazy. But it works!”

Hawke stated those who tend to do Method acting have “exceptional brains”, so he does not judge or criticise their style of getting into a role, as it yields convincing results.

One of the most famous incidences of Method acting include De Niro making everyone refer to him as ‘Jake’ or ‘Champ’ in between takes when starring as Jake LaMotta in the movie, Raging Bull.

He went on to win an Oscar for the role at the 1981 Academy Awards.


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