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September 2023

£35m Funding Boost For Creative Industries Sector

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A new £35 million fund has been launched to help creative industries in the UK, including the film and TV sector. This is great news for anyone who is interested in drama classes for adults, as it could potentially open up new acting roles and job opportunities. The funding will be available to the performing arts sector and games and digital media companies. 

The funding scheme, known as the Creative Growth Finance II, will be delivered by Creative UK and follows the successful first round of funding in 2019. This scheme saw £17m invested across 30 creative businesses. The Stage reports that eligible companies will be able to apply for loans of between £100,000 and £1m to grow their businesses.  

Caroline Norbury, chief executive of Creative UK, said: “Over the past decade, the UK’s creative industries have grown more than 1.5 times the rate of the wider economy, currently generating £108 billion in economic value and employing 2.3 million people.”

She added: “However, this country’s talented creative businesses are experiencing a significant gap between their immense growth potential and access to the vital capital they need to succeed.”

“In launching the Creative Industries Sector Vision, the prime minister Rishi Sunak acknowledged the ’enormous potential of our creative entrepreneurs and businesses’ and said that ’growing the economy means growing the creative industries’.”

The creative industries are vital to the British economy, and the government has recently outlined ambitious plans to grow the sector by £50bn and create one million jobs by 2030. The UK is home to world class cultural institutions such as the National Theatre, and is a leading maker of films, documentaries, and binge-worthy television dramas.

Collectively, the performing arts and other creative industries contribute £108bn annually to the British economy, yet all too often they are neglected, underfunded, or dismissed as lightweight and non-essential. Despite this, the creative sector in the UK is thriving and has grown at 1.5 times the rate of the wider economy, employing over 2.3m people. 

In a statement earlier this summer, prime minister Rishi Sunak announced that he was determined to level up the creative sector, building on such landmark projects as the new British Library centre in Leeds. He also said that new creative clusters would be established across the country. 

Currently, Leeds has a centre of excellence in film and TV that has put the city on the map as the UK’s leading media production centre outside of London. Whether you are interested in acting, writing, set design, costume design or production, there are a wealth of opportunities in Leeds. 

In order to achieve these aims, the government has pledged a total of £75 m in new investment, and extra funding for apprenticeships and training in areas such as media, video games, and set design. This not only levels up access to the arts, but creates hundreds of other opportunities in related sectors such as marketing and props and costume design.

Why Acting Classes Can Enrich Your Everyday Life

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Acting can be a wonderful creative outlet whatever your level of skill and experience, and it can lead to life-changing professional opportunities working in TV, film, or theatre. 

However, not everyone has the time to put themselves through auditions, or the resilience to subject their efforts to the judgement of professional theatre or TV critics. 

This is perfectly understandable, but it shouldn’t put anyone off the idea of pursuing acting for its own sake. Here are some of the benefits of taking part time acting lessons whatever your career ambitions. 

An outlet for self-expression

Acting is a unique medium of expression and you may be surprised at just how much you can apply what you learn to your everyday life. You will find that you are much better able to access and express your emotions, whether for self-reflection or to improve your relationships with others. 

You will learn how to access past experiences and the deeper thoughts and feelings that we rarely have time to draw on in the course of everyday life. This will not only help you to become a better actor, but also to evolve in your own inner journey. 

You may find yourself better able to handle sensitive situations and bring a new emotional intelligence to past or present events in your life. Of course, not all acting has to involve heavy emotional weather, and it can simply be a way to escape from the more mundane realities of everyday life and have fun pretending to be someone else for a while. 

Improved communication skills

Whether you have inner demons to wrestle with or you just want to feel less self conscious and more confident speaking in public, acting lessons will help you to express yourself in an accurate and assured manner. This can lead to greater self awareness and help you to achieve career goals or have more rewarding personal relationships. 

You will not just be taught the theory, but also the practical skills to help you communicate well. For example, you will learn how to project and modulate your voice to fit the situation, and adopt the right posture and body language so that your gestures enhance your words. 

By learning to control your whole stage presence, you will find that you have an invaluable skill that you can bring to a wide range of other occupations, from teaching to telesales or customer service. 

You will become part of a community

In your drama classes, you will encounter people from different walks of life to your own, and soon you will have friends and acquaintances from a variety of backgrounds, ages, and occupations. This is a great opportunity to build a supportive network of friends that can bring you a fresh perspective on life and enjoy shared experiences with.

You will develop cultural capital

During your acting classes, you will encounter some of the world’s best stage and screenplays, from Shakespere to contemporary TV dramas and comedies. This will enhance your understanding and appreciation of drama and help you to explore the wonderful variety and complexity of the human condition.


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