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March 2023

The Surprising Reasons Great Actors Take Unexpected Roles

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When we typically think of the greatest acting performances, many of us focus quite naturally on the best films ever made or films with breakout performances by actors that would go on to have great careers, with films that are commonly part of acting classes.

However, there are far more great actors out there than scripts that do them justice, and a hallmark of a truly great actor is to take a script that may not have the same renown, make do and mend, often with particularly personal reasons as to why.

Here are some great examples of fantastic acting performances found in somewhat unexpected films and the reasons why they appeared.


Mixing Up Directors

Fresh off of an Oscar nomination for the brilliant and subversive Lost In Translation and in the middle of working on the unique The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, Bill Murray was sent a script that he read for, his curiosity sparked by its apparent author: Joel Coen of the Coen brothers.

Ultimately it turned out he had gotten the name mixed up. It was Joel Cohen and the script was for the somewhat infamous Garfield live-action adaptation. Bill Murray’s enthusiasm quickly waned, which was perfectly suited for the laconic cartoon cat.


Not Realising It Was A Video Game Adaptation

In 1992, Bob Hoskins was cast as Mario Mario for the film Super Mario Bros, one of the strangest and most troubled film productions of all time, and a film that throughout the rest of his life he said he regretted doing more than any other.

He was bombarded with script revisions until he finally agreed to be the star but did not realise the origins of the source material, leading to a somewhat infamous interview where Mr Hoskins turns to the camera, takes a pause and laments that he used to star in Shakespearean adaptations.