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January 2022

watching movie mistakes

Ever Noticed These Movie Mistakes?

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When we see Hollywood movies, we expect the acting to be top notch, the production to be slick and the direction to be seamless. However, there are many films that make it to the big screen that contain mistakes, but the acting was so good directors refused to edit them out. 

For instance, one of the biggest movies of the ‘90s, Jurassic Park, featured a malfunctioning T-Rex, but did anyone notice?

According to What Culture, the animatronic dinosaur was not meant to crack the plexiglass sunroof of the car characters Tim and Lex were hiding in. 

However, director Steven Spielberg didn’t cut this out of the take as it “genuinely surprised and scared [the] young performers”. This led to them “[screaming] their lungs out with greater gusto than in any other set-up”. 

Millennials who remember Mrs Doubtfire will recall the moment Robin Williams covered his face in icing to disguise himself and some of it slips off and falls into a cup of tea. 

However, this wasn’t actually planned, but Williams’ acting was so convincing, the audience would never have known. 

Instead, he improvised “Oh! You’ve got your cream and sugar. It’s a little cappu-tea-no,” in Mrs Doubtfire’s melodic Scottish accent without breaking character, so director Chris Columbus kept the mishap in the scene. 

Likewise, one of the most famous clips from Casino Royale, when James Bond saunters out of the sea in his tight trunks, was not supposed to happen. 

BuzzFeed revealed this was an accident, as there was a sand shelf in the sea, forcing actor Daniel Craig to stand up and walk to the shore. 

The one thing these performers had in common was continuing to act regardless of the blunders so viewers remained none the wiser. This could be down to quality TV acting classes in Manchester, where students learn how to stay in character