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3 Tips On How to Be a Good Voice Actor

By July 8, 2021September 7th, 2021Blog

Voice acting is rather different to film, TV, or theatre acting, and can use a different set of skills. But it has also provided opportunities for many actors whose first goal was to be on stage or in front of a camera.

Voice acting can be a very exciting and rewarding career change or an addition to your current acting goals. It can be fun, creative, and rewarding, and it can pay well, whether it’s voice acting for video games, animated shorts and films, or a move into radio and audio productions, or audiobooks.

Whatever your acting experience, starting out as a voice actor may likely mean starting from scratch, so we have a look at some tips on how to be a good voice actor.

1. Take voice and voice over classes

You can find voice-over classes in most cities, but there are online classes available, which will likely focus on sitting and doing voice exercises. General voice lessons will teach proper breathing, warm-ups, vice control, elocution and much more.

2. Take acting classes

As well as dedicated voice acting lessons, regular acting classes will help you pick up many great skills, such as learning how to speak well and how to act, both of which will be beneficial to your voice acting aspirations. Improvisation and comedy classes will provide skills that will be highly useful for voice-over work.

3. Produce great quality recordings

To be able to sell and market yourself you need to be able to create high-quality recordings that agents and directors will love. High-quality recordings will help you stand out in a competitive arena. Investing in professional studio demos will set you above recordings done on apps and smartphones, and casting agents and directors will be able to tell the difference.

Always remember to take care of your mind and body, eat well, and exercise regularly, and keep in mind that like with any career change, it can take time to develop your skills.

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