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Any theatrical production, whether it is a stage play, a TV show or a film, is built on top of so many individual elements that in some unfortunate cases a film does not succeed at what it aims to achieve despite the exceptional hard work of everyone involved.

In some cases, this hard work despite exceptional difficulties becomes obvious in screenings in acting classes, usually leading to a standout performance to the point that it almost does not fit with the rest of the production. Here are some notable examples.


Christopher Reeve – Superman IV: The Quest For Peace

The late Christopher Reeve was always an overachiever when it came to his most famous role, being able to inject the character with compassion, empathy and serenity without being overly stoic or betraying the parts of the plot that are less refined than he is.

However, in Superman IV, a somewhat infamous film known for some truly ridiculous set pieces like when Superman rebuilds the Great Wall of China in a fight against the ludicrously costumed Nuclear Man, Mr Reeve’s performance and passionate polemics for pacifism are still movingly effective.


Dan Janjigian – The Room

The Room is a somewhat infamous film that is more famous for its strange production as depicted in the book and film The Disaster Artist and has become very popular on the midnight movie circuit.

However, amidst the actors who either couldn’t or wouldn’t take the strange love triangle seriously, Dan Janjigian’s single-scene role as drug dealer Chris-R steals the show, despite not being an actor.

Amidst a constant barrage of strange lines and performances, Mr Janjigian’s uncompromising performance adds a shocking intensity that catches viewers by surprise the first time they see him pull the gun on Denny.


Dwayne Johnson – Doom

Dwayne Johnson is one of the highest-paid film stars in the world, but back when he was still billed under his professional wrestling alter-ego The Rock, he was often considered to be the best part of some often critically savaged projects.

Whilst not the most famous time Mr Johnson has salvaged a film compared to the more infamous likes of The Tooth Fairy, 2005’s Doom was arguably the most important as whilst the film was both critically and commercially unsuccessful, The Rock’s performance was highly praised.

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