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Arts Emergency Seeks New Mentors

By October 7, 2021Blog

Award-winning mentoring charity and support network Arts Emergency is calling for arts, humanities, and creative industry professionals who would be interested in mentoring young people who lack industry connections.

The Guide Liverpool reports that professionals and young people can join the charity’s award-winning mentoring programme which was developed to help increase the number of people from underrepresented backgrounds.

Arts Emergency looks set to double the number of young people it supports, and have opened several pilot schemes in new cities. As well as schemes in London, Manchester, and Merseyside, the charity is now looking to work in Newcastle and Gateshead, Leeds and Bradford, Brighton, and the East and West Midlands.

The Charity matches people aged between 16 to 25 with industry professionals from their area of interest, ranging from theatre, journalism, design, music, and many other creative fields, then supporting them and safeguarding for the matched pairs as they complete one year of one-to-one mentoring, at one hour every month.

Over the year, the mentors will help with everything from portfolios and UCAS applications, to work placements and auditions, before continuing to provide eight years worth of advice, trips, work experience, and opportunities so the mentee can take full advantage of the knowledge and experience they have gained.

Young people from more privileged backgrounds are four times more likely to find roles within the creative industry than their peers, and figures show that only 16 per cent of people working in the arts and humanities come from a working-class background.

Arts Emergency was founded by comedian Josie Long and activist Neil Griffiths in 2013, and they have helped young people without connections follow their passions and navigate their way into higher education and the creative and cultural sectors.

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