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Could Panto Be Your Big Break?

By November 11, 2021December 8th, 2021Blog

These days, a huge number of pantomimes are headlined by celebrities, whether they are soap actors, reality TV stars or musicians. However, there are still plenty of opportunities for amateur performers to showcase their talents on stage during panto season.

Every town across the UK is likely to be hosting a panto this Christmas, with us Brits having loved these slightly strange theatrical performances ever since the Victorians.

Author of Britishness Since 1870 Professor Paul Ward certainly understands the popularity of pantos here in the UK, telling BBC News it all stems from our love for dressing up.

“Pantomime is part of a continuum with fancy dress balls, popular across the British Empire, amateur dramatics, music hall and cross-dressing, and all sorts of British heroes, real and fictional, [and] dressing as ‘the other’,” he said.

So while, high-profile celebs, including David Hasselhoff, Priscilla Presley, and the late Paul Daniels have all starred in pantomimes in the past, there are still many other roles left open for those who have not had their break yet.

Doing pantomime is a lot of hard work due to the considerable number of shows per week, meaning it is a good practice for those who want to pursue a career in theatre.

According to Touring Pantos, performers need “good attitude and determination”. Some parts might also require “vocal ability and comic timing”, and actors “must be directable”.

It added: “Because you are in so many different venues, you learn how to cope with different audiences, and you’ll gain a lot of valuable experience to help you progress up the panto ladder.”

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