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There is often a perception about acting that it is something one starts at a very young age and if not, the chance will have passed.

While it is true that some actors start very young indeed – think of the likes of Macaulay Culkin or indeed the entire cast of Bugsy Malone – there will always be opportunities for those who want to take adult acting classes in Manchester.

This is worth noting just now, because often it is opportunities for youngsters that get more attention. For instance, the Bolton News has just reported on the launch of new theatre classes for youngsters in the town, run jointly by Bolton School and the Octagon Theatre.

Held on Saturdays and lasting ten weeks, these will cater for those in the 10-14 age range and will also suit those keen on other aspects of theatre, such as scriptwriting.

All this may be good news for youngsters who want to make friends, enjoy being involved in the arts and perhaps pursue dreams of a life on stage or screen, but it is important for adults to recognise that the chance has not necessarily passed them by just because they didn’t start to get involved at an earlier age.

After all, if anyone needed some inspiration, two pensioners who have spent their lives doing anything but making a living as actors are making an appearance in Eastenders on June 2nd.

Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall will be playing themselves in the Jubilee episode of the soap, which was filmed in March.

They will surprise residents of Albert Square with an unexpected guest appearance at a street party, although it remains to be seen if either of them will utter the words: “This is going to be the best jubilee Walford’s ever had,” just before something bursts into flames.

It is not quite an acting debut for the Prince of Wales, however, as he did make a cameo appearance in Coronation Street in 2001.

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