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If you are new to acting or have just started taking acting classes, you may be worried about your first performance. Stage fright is a perfectly normal issue to experience and there are luckily many ways to combat it.

Stage fright is simply feelings of anxiety or worry about performing in front of others. This is a natural response and many people experience it, even famous actors and musicians!

One great way to combat stage fright is to just let it happen! Give yourself time before the show to sit with your nerves and process why you are feeling anxious. It’s a good idea to set yourself a time limit so you don’t end up overthinking.

This gives you the ability to deal with and process your emotions without letting them overwhelm you. It is healthy to feel nervous at times so bottling it isn’t always the best idea.

Another way to overcome stage fright is to practise. The first few performances might be scary, but the more you perform the less frightening it will be!

You can also practise in front of smaller groups of people. Invite your family or friends to watch you practising and going over your part, this way you get used to other people watching and listening to you and a larger audience might not seem as daunting.

Breathing exercises and meditation are good ways to reduce anxious thoughts and feelings. Spending some time calming yourself down and relaxing before a performance can help put you in the right frame of mind to give your best performance.

Spend some time learning a few different breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques to practise before the show. This allows you to calm your nerves in a healthy and soothing way and also spend some time quietly relaxing before performing.

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