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Latest UK Auditions Revealed

By January 31, 2022February 2nd, 2022Blog

Budding actors and actresses who have begun 2022 with renewed ambition for getting their breakthrough role will be pleased to hear there are several auditions being held over the next few weeks, one of which could be their big break.

Short films

Director Soph Webberley is joining forces with comedian Nathan D’Arcy Roberts for a short film called Blind Spot. The flick looks at the relationship between a father and teenage daughter as they delve into to his past. The production requires a middle-aged male of black or African descent to take on the role of the father, Paul; a teenage multiracial girl to play his daughter; and someone aged between 40 and 50, playing Paul’s old high school acquaintance.

The shoot will take place over two nights at the end of March, with rehearsals happening in the weeks preceding this.


Some of the world’s biggest stars started out acting in commercials, from Leonardo Di Caprio and Ryan Reynolds to Matt Le Blanc and Jodie Foster.

This might encourage lots of amateur actors and actresses to audition for the latest campaign for a coffee retailer, which will take place on January 15th, with the shoot planned for a couple of days later.

Theatre role

Those in Leeds who would love the opportunity to perform in public should consider auditioning for a job at The Alice Bar, an immersive theatrical cocktail experience that will “take [audience members] down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass!”.

They will be cast as part of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, which takes place two to five times a day throughout the year. Each performer will play two roles in the 90-minute production.

For more acting classes in Leeds to brush up on your skills before the audition, get in touch with us today.

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