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Summer might only just be over and the weather is slowly beginning to turn autumnal, but it is time to put your Santa hat on and get into the festive spirit, as Christmas auditions are beginning to open.

As we know, the Yuletide season offers great opportunities for actors and actresses, thanks to pantomimes taking over theatres all around the UK. Brits love nothing more than a panto during winter, which means venues are often full to the brim for the coveted shows and performers get the chance to show off their skills to eager and engaged audiences.

Backstage revealed just a few roles that are available over Christmastime, including a Dame and Chief Of Thieves in the Studley Castle production of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. The dame and the villain can be any ethnicity and must be available from November 21st when rehearsals are due to begin in Redditch. The show will open on December 17th and run until New Year’s Eve.

Anyone who is interested in re-enacting one of the nation’s favourite Christmas stories, The Snowman, should consider auditioning for the role of either James or the Snowman in the theatrical production in Milton Keynes.

This immersive show requires performers to be available for rehearsals and performances from the middle of November. It will continue until Christmas Eve, with four to six productions taking place a week.

There are five roles available, including James, the costume character, the experience host, Santa and the Elf. While the roles will be non-speaking, the actors have to be “highly animated” so they can bring the well-known characters to life.

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