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Tips For Audition Success

By December 30, 2021January 14th, 2022Blog

Every casting director will have their own way of conducting auditions, but it can be a stressful
process for the uninitiated.

Unless you have the celebrity clout of Ed Sheehan in an audition, you won’t want to turn up in
costume, cracking jokes, and aim to make a viral video, so we have a look at some tips for
successful auctions.

  1. Learn the sides

The singularly most important requirement of any audition is to be off-book. The majority of
auditions are filmed for review by the director, producers, execs, financiers, etc, and they will want
to see your face and eyes, which you can’t do if your head is buried in your audition pages.

  1. Be prepared to jump straight into the audition.

While waiting for your audition, you’ll want to be focused and get into character, and casting
directors will not want to break your concentration with small talk, so once you have introduced
yourself to the room, jump straight into the action. This will ensure you maximise the allotted time
you have and allow you to show what a talented actor you are.

  1. Dress appropriately

Never, ever arrive in costume. But do spend some time thinking about your wardrobe and the
impression it makes as you enter the room. For a demure role, dress conservatively. If your
character is down at heel, don’t wear your best outfit. For a period piece, avoid wearing anything
too modern.

Even small details – earrings, scarves, shoes, hair up/down/styled/tousled, stubble – all help create
the subliminal image that you are close to the character you are portraying.

  1. Be camera aware.

A casting director will need to see your face, so no matter where you are looking or what actions
you are doing, be aware of where the camera is and ensure you are facing it, more or less. If there

are characters you are interacting with, place them on either side of the camera. However, never,
ever look directly into the camera unless directed to do so!

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