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Tips For Marketing Yourself As An Actor

By January 21, 2022January 28th, 2022Blog

It’s well known that the road to becoming an actor can be quite tricky to navigate, but dreams can come true when they are backed up by some planning and hard work. It’s a competitive industry, but everyone has to start somewhere!

Taking acting lessons and getting involved in amateur dramatics have launched many a career. You never know who you will meet, you will learn a lot about the industry along the way, and grow in self-confidence. Once you have a little experience, it’s time to prepare some marketing materials to help you land those auditions. Here are a few tips.

Get a good quality headshot

Casting directors need to know what you look like in advance for most roles, to check if you will fit in with the existing cast members and storylines. Don’t be tempted to tweak them on Photoshop or hide behind a mask of make-up, as this is more likely to put people off. Of course, a flattering pic is fine, but it should also give a true impression of who you are.

Make a showreel

This is very important to show casting agents and directors what you can do. Keep it short, at around three minutes, and representative of your best current work.

Put a CV together

It’s important to have a round-up of your training and any acting jobs you have done so far. If you don’t have any yet, see if you can get involved in some local amateur dramatics to boost your experience. If you have special skills, such as accents, singing, dancing, and so on, be sure to include these.

Establish an online presence

It’s relatively easy and inexpensive to set up a website these days, where you can display your work to best advantage. Social media is also a good way to network and express yourself, but use it respectfully, and don’t engage in negative exchanges. Keep it fun, positive, and interesting, and follow fellow actors who you like and admire.

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