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What Happens At Open And Closed Auditions?

By October 8, 2021Blog

All aspiring actors will hopefully get the opportunity to audition for a role at some point. It’s a chance to show everyone what you can do, and one day you will find that perfect role! Not all auditions are the same, so here are some tips about what to expect if you are new to the stage or screen.

Open auditions

These are usually large affairs, advertised widely online and in journals, where anyone can come along and try out. If it’s for a very popular production, it’s best to arrive early, as there may be a long queue. This can be a good time to make new friends! Be friendly and pleasant to everyone you meet, because you never know who is watching.

The advantage of an open audition is that you can watch everyone else trying out for the part, and this is a great opportunity to learn and be inspired. Remember everybody is nervous, but generally the atmosphere at these occasions is supportive, and you will gain a lot from the experience, whatever the outcome.

Closed auditions

These types of auditions generally only accept actors with certain qualifications, such as having attended an acting school or have a membership of a professional body. The production staff will call each hopeful individually into a private audition room to read for the part.

 These types of audition can feel less stressful than an open audition, but the competition is likely to be fiercer for each part. If you are given a piece to learn beforehand, be sure to learn it well. Wear clothing and shoes that allow you to move about easily and won’t distract from your performance.

If you impress the casting directors, they’ll give you a callback for a second reading. Remember that if you are not offered a part, it is often nothing to do with your personal talent; it may simply be that you weren’t the right fit for another cast member. Don’t be discouraged— there’s always a next time!

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