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A common reason for adults to opt against taking TV acting classes in Manchester is the thought that this is something that has passed them by; that they might have had a go when they were younger but it will now never happen.

However, that really isn’t the way to approach the question. True, many famous actors started out young and made a name for themselves while still under the care of their parents. But unless the production in question is a remake of Bugsy Malone, actors of different ages will always be needed.

So, instead of lamenting that you “could have been anything that you wanted to be”, inspiration can be taken from actors who are still playing starring roles when many in other walks of life would have their slippers on.

A prime example is Harrison Ford, a man known for many film roles, but for two iconic characters in particular. While Han Solo was killed off in the seventh Star Wars film, Indiana Jones lives on for one last hurrah in The Dial of Destiny, before the now octogenarian Ford hangs up his whip and fedora for good.

Ford told Variety Magazine it may be his last appearance as Dr Jones, but even at 81, he has no plans to quit acting altogether.

He remarked: “I don’t do well when I don’t have work. I love to work. I love to feel useful. It’s my Jones. I want to be helpful”. Unlike some of his adversaries, he clearly has no plans to melt away.

It may be true that Harrison Ford started out acting a long time ago, in an age when special effects mean an X-wing fighter pulled by a piece of concealed string. But even if you start late, there will be age-appropriate roles on TV and on stage for older actors out there for you to fill.

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