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Auditions Must Be Improved, Says Ex-RSC Director

By August 23, 2022September 23rd, 2022Blog

It is perfectly normal for aspiring actors and actresses to be nervous ahead of an important audition, as some can turn into “horror stories”, according to the former director of the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC). 

Adrian Noble spoke to the Guardian about how the audition process needs to be improved, as they can really have an impact on budding stars. 

“They usually involve lack of respect, waste of time, humiliation and discourtesy,” he stated, adding: “Directors are rude, look at their iPhones during the audition, run late and don’t apologise, they chat way to their casting director as if the actor didn’t exist, they laugh at private review copy jokes.”

Noble, who has cast the likes of Judi Dench in the past, went so far as to say the process is a “litany of misery”. 

While auditions are a necessary part of being assessed for the role, producers and directors can do things to improve the process for actors and actresses. 

Firstly, he suggested to make it clear what is expected of them during the audition. He also recommended trying to help if they become inhibited by getting them to run around the room fast before getting into a space and playing the scene without any forethought. He explained that thinking too much about blocking, verse and concept can make them more nervous and withdrawn. 

He also reminded directors to give “clear, positive feedback” to the actors and actresses, study their CV beforehand, and give them a chance to have another go if they need to. 

It is also important to remember that all actors and actresses have failed auditions in the past, even some of Hollywood’s biggest names. For instance, Matthew McConaughey lost out to Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic and Reese Witherspoon was beaten to the leading role in Clueless by Alicia Silverstone. 


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